🐔🦆 AffiVET® Poultry Avian Influenza Virus AIV Antigen Rapid Tests! 🦆🐔

🚀 Rapid and Accurate Detection for Avian Influenza Virus! 🚀

Attention all poultry farmers and veterinarians! We are thrilled to present AffiVET® Poultry Avian Influenza Virus AIV Antigen Rapid Tests – the latest breakthrough in avian influenza detection.

🦠 What is Avian Influenza? 🦠

Avian Influenza, also known as bird flu, is a highly contagious viral disease that primarily affects birds, including chickens, ducks, and other poultry species. It can lead to severe health and economic consequences for the poultry industry. Early and accurate detection is crucial to controlling its spread and minimizing its impact.

Avian Influenza Type A Virus Antigen

Avian Influenza Virus (AIV) belongs to the Influenza type A viruses and is specifically divided into various subtypes based on two proteins found on the virus’s surface: hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA). Transmission of AIV primarily occurs through direct contact with infected birds or their bodily secretions. It can also spread indirectly through contaminated equipment and materials. The virus is excreted through infected birds’ feces and secretions from their noses, mouths, and eyes, making it highly contagious within bird populations.

🏆 Why Choose AffiVET® Poultry AIV Antigen Rapid Tests? 🏆

🔍 Rapid Results: AffiVET® Poultry AIV Antigen Rapid Tests provide results within minutes, enabling prompt action and reducing the risk of further transmission.

🎯 High Sensitivity and Specificity: Our tests are specifically designed to detect avian influenza virus antigens with high accuracy, ensuring reliable results.

💧 Easy to Use: With user-friendly instructions, these tests can be performed on-site, eliminating the need for complex laboratory equipment.

💰 Cost-Effective: AffiVET® Poultry AIV Antigen Rapid Tests are cost-effective and can save you valuable resources and time.

🛡️ Help Protect Your Flock and Business! 🛡️

🔬 How do AffiVET® Poultry AIV Antigen Rapid Tests Work? 🔬

  1. Sample Collection: Take a swab from the bird’s oral or cloacal region, following the provided instructions.
  2. Insert Swab: Insert the swab into the test tube containing the assay buffer.
  3. Rapid Testing: Place a few drops of the buffer solution onto the test device.
  4. Wait for Results: Within minutes, you’ll see easy-to-read results, indicating the presence or absence of avian influenza virus antigens.
  5. Take Appropriate Measures: Based on the test results, take necessary biosecurity measures and consult with a veterinarian to safeguard your flock and prevent further spread.

🌟 Trust AffiVET® for Reliable Avian Influenza Detection! 🌟

At AffiVET®, we are committed to advancing animal health through innovative diagnostic solutions. Our Poultry Avian Influenza Virus AIV Antigen Rapid Tests are designed to empower farmers and veterinarians with accurate and timely information to make informed decisions.

📞 Contact us today to learn more about AffiVET® Poultry Avian Influenza Virus AIV Antigen Rapid Tests and take a significant step towards protecting your birds and business!

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