The beginning …

01 Oct 2000 – San Francisco bay area , California

We are establishing new bio informatics company , with very ambitious plans to revolutionize the area of dealing with genomics data .

We want to establish close cooperation with everyone who is using our products and services , with the users of our technology . Our progress and advancing depends on the feedback we receive from the scientists and researchers .

Although we are just in the beginning of our business , we compare ourselves with the companies established in this field , providing similar products and services .

We believe we have very good technology , and we are offering very good product . At some point , as we grow , we want to issue friendly challenge to the companies offering similar products – compare features , speed , capabilities .

The amount of scientific and research data grows exponentially , as well as the need to handle and manage this data .

By establishing standards , we will help the scientists , researchers , and all the people in the field , to advance faster , for the benefit of the human kind .



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