The μ-Slide ibiPore SiN

 μ-Slide ibiPore SiN applications

Introduction : 

The μ-Slide ibiPore SiN features a thin, transparent silicon nitride (SiN) membrane as the imaging surface. This membrane has specific properties that make it suitable for live cell imaging under a microscope. It is extremely thin, allowing for minimal optical distortion and high-resolution imaging. The SiN material is also compatible with various imaging techniques, such as confocal microscopy, total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy (TIRF), and other high-resolution imaging modalities.

Applications : 

  • Trans-endothelial migration under flow conditions.
  • Co-cultivation of cell layers and transport assays in 2D or in a 3D gel matrix.
  • Apical-basal cell polarity assays.
  • Cell barrier model assays with apical-basal gradients.
  • Cell migration assays (e.g., to investigate tumor invasion or metastasis).

µ-Slide ibiPore SiN : 

  • A µ-Slide with a porous silicon nitride membrane for imaging of transmigration and transport studies under flow or static conditions.
  • Brilliant optical quality through the thin, porous membrane.
  • Full access to the apical and basal sides of adherent cells in numerous applications.
  • Different pore sizes available for various cell types… 
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The Principle of the µ-Slide ibiPore SiN

The μ-Slide ibiPore SiN consists of a horizontal porous membrane that is inserted between two channels. The upper channel is a static reservoir above the membrane. The lower channel is a perfusion channel for applying defined shear stress on cells, which are attached to the membrane…





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How to use μ-Slide ibiPore SiN ?

Using the μ-Slide ibiPore SiN involves several steps to ensure proper handling and preparation for live cell imaging.

  • Preparation
  • Cell Seeding
  • Incubation
  • Cell Attachment and Growth
  • Microscopy and Imaging
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Disposal


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