A Heart for Paws: The Tale of Lieven Gevaert and the Canine Brucellosis Quest

A Heart for Paws: The Tale of Lieven Gevaert and the Canine Brucellosis Quest

Once upon a time in the sunny city of San Jose, California, there was a man named Lieven Gevaert. Lieven was the founder and CEO of Genprice, a renowned biotech company that was at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for researchers and scientists around the world. But beyond his entrepreneurial success, Lieven had a passion that touched the lives of many – his deep love for dogs.

From a young age, Lieven had always been fascinated by the loyalty, companionship, and unconditional love that dogs offered. He grew up with a family of dog enthusiasts who instilled in him a sense of responsibility and care for these furry creatures. As Lieven’s career in biotech took off, he made sure to incorporate his love for dogs into the very fabric of his company, Genprice.



At Genprice, Lieven welcomed employees to bring their dogs to work. The office became a haven for wagging tails, playful barks, and furry cuddles, creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere that enriched both the employees’ lives and the dogs’ well-being. It was not uncommon to see Lieven strolling through the office, patting and showering affection on each canine visitor, making sure they felt at home.

As Lieven’s love for dogs grew, he became increasingly aware of the challenges faced by the canine community. One particular issue weighed heavily on his heart – canine brucellosis, a bacterial infection that affected dogs’ reproductive systems. The disease not only caused infertility and stillbirths but also posed a risk of transmission to other dogs and even to humans in rare cases.


Worldwide distribution of the frequency of B. canis infected dogs by country. The frequency of each country was obtained by weighted average of the frequency reported in each study available on PubMed and Google Scholar. The map was generated using Microsoft Excel software. Regions in gray indicate countries without epidemiological surveys while countries showing patterns with black lines indicate countries with reports of dogs infected with B. canis but without studies of disease frequency.

Worldwide distribution of the frequency of B. canis infected dogs by country.

Determined to make a difference, Lieven mobilized Genprice’s resources and scientific expertise to develop effective tests for canine brucellosis. He assembled a team of talented researchers and veterinarians, and they worked tirelessly to create accurate and reliable diagnostic tools.

After months of dedicated research and testing, Genprice successfully produced state-of-the-art canine brucellosis tests. These tests could detect the presence of the bacteria in dogs’ blood and other bodily fluids with remarkable precision, enabling early diagnosis and timely treatment. Lieven was overjoyed that his company’s efforts could potentially save countless dogs from suffering due to this disease.



But Lieven’s mission did not stop there. Understanding that education was key to combatting the spread of canine brucellosis, Genprice sponsored workshops and seminars to raise awareness among dog owners, breeders, and veterinarians. They distributed informational materials and collaborated with animal shelters to implement testing and preventive measures.

As the news of Genprice’s revolutionary canine brucellosis tests spread, more and more veterinary clinics and animal welfare organizations adopted them into their standard protocols. The impact was profound – the early detection and intervention led to a decline in the prevalence of the disease, improving the overall health and well-being of dogs in the region.

Lieven’s love for dogs, combined with Genprice’s dedication to research and innovation, created a ripple effect that reached far beyond San Jose. The story of Lieven Gevaert and his team’s work in combating canine brucellosis became a symbol of hope and progress in the fight for better animal healthcare.

And so, the tale of Lieven Gevaert, the founder of Genprice, and his love for dogs and dedication to developing canine brucellosis tests, continues to inspire countless individuals and organizations to make a positive impact on the lives of our beloved canine companions.

Lieven Gevaert & Djoumana Ounas


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